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Ever since my childhood, I’ve enjoyed traveling. I particularly like to visit historical sites. I have been fortunate enough to see the Alamo, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the White House, and many other interesting historical sites. Whenever I visit one of these important places, I take loads of pictures. I like to enlarge my photos and place them in beautiful, rustic frames. Then, I hang them on the walls of the foyer in my home. Working on my photo walls is a relaxing craft for me to engage in. On this blog, I hope you will discover some fun, craft ideas that will add beauty to your home. Enjoy!



Fun Games To Play With Big Foam Blocks

Whether you are a parent or teacher, you may know the importance of mixing playtime and education so children enjoy themselves while learning something new. Preschool and elementary school-aged children can enjoy the use of soft blocks for these reasons. Here are some games to teach children that incorporate the use of these toys.

Use Blocks As Obstacles

Foam blocks provide a cushioned medium for children of all ages. Because of this, they are safe for use in many ways. Position foam blocks on a driveway or on the lawn in strategic locations so children can use them in an obstacle course setting. Make sure to incorporate all types of movements including running around the blocks, jumping over them, and even throwing them toward a target. You could set up children in two teams and have them compete to see who completes the course the fastest.

Allow Blocks To Be Safe Zones

For an activity, you could tell children the blocks are pieces of land that they need to get on top of when you designate the time to do so. Play some music and let children dance around several blocks that are set up on a floor or lawn. Turn off the music and yell to get on a piece of land quickly. Pretend that water is rising and that time is of the essence. Watch as the children scramble to get on the blocks before their peers. If you want the game competitive, use one less block than the number of children playing the game. The child that does not get on a block is disqualified from the competition. Continue in this manner until one child is deemed the winner.

Construct A City

Large foam blocks are perfect for building castles, houses, fences, and other structures. Set up a pile of blocks for children to play within a free form setting. Ask the children to defend their structure by using foam balls to retaliate against an opposing team's structures. The first team that breaks the other team's structure wins the game.

Cover A Player

Blocks come in all shapes and sizes and are stackable. As such, you can use several foam blocks to hide a child. The object of this game is to not be able to see any portion of the person being covered. If this game is done as a team competition, the first team to completely hide their player wins the entire game. 

For additional information, contact a company that provides children's soft play big blocks.