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Ever since my childhood, I’ve enjoyed traveling. I particularly like to visit historical sites. I have been fortunate enough to see the Alamo, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the White House, and many other interesting historical sites. Whenever I visit one of these important places, I take loads of pictures. I like to enlarge my photos and place them in beautiful, rustic frames. Then, I hang them on the walls of the foyer in my home. Working on my photo walls is a relaxing craft for me to engage in. On this blog, I hope you will discover some fun, craft ideas that will add beauty to your home. Enjoy!



5 Perfect Gift For Embroidery Enthusiasts

When you are shopping for an embroiderer, you are in a lucky spot. There are so many different gives you can give to a crafty person who loves to embroider. Armed with this list of fun gift ideas, you are sure to find a gift that speaks to your loved one's desires for any special occasion.

1. Embroidery-Friendly Entertainment

It can be difficult to find new forms of entertainment to keep you busy while you are working on an embroidery project. Why not purchase a gift basket of movies for the crafter who loves to watch DVDs while they work? Why not buy a yearly subscription for your loved one's favorite podcast service or web video service? Many of these services even offer videos geared toward crafting and embroidery.

2. Embroidery Thread

For the typical crafter, there is never enough embroidery thread. Having a lot of different colors at your disposal is a godsend when you are working on a large project, and not having the right colors can really take a toll on the time it takes you to complete a project. A collection of various colors is a great way to allow your loved one to have total control over a project.

3. Travel Embroidery Containers

Some people love to take their crafts on vacation, and embroiderers are no exception. Plastic containers and tote bags are helpful for these kinds of trips. When you find the perfect containers with adorable crafty-related quips and images, you know it's going to be the perfect gift.

4. Hoops

Embroidery crafters can never have enough embroidery hoops. While some people like to display their embroidery in frames after the work is complete, there are some who prefer to use hoops. Wooden and plastic hoops are both great gifts depending on the aesthetic style your loved one prefers.

5. Sewing Needle Collection

Needles get lost all the time, and some people like to work with specific sizes. If you know somebody who uses a sewing machine for their crafts, sewing machine needles often need to be replaced. This makes a needle collection a great choice for somebody who always runs out of craft supplies.

Embroidery is a skill that takes a lot of practice to learn. People who have really worked to hone their craft are proud of their skills, and these gifts show that you notice their efforts. Giving embroidery-related presents allows you to support learning this craft too.