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Ever since my childhood, I’ve enjoyed traveling. I particularly like to visit historical sites. I have been fortunate enough to see the Alamo, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the White House, and many other interesting historical sites. Whenever I visit one of these important places, I take loads of pictures. I like to enlarge my photos and place them in beautiful, rustic frames. Then, I hang them on the walls of the foyer in my home. Working on my photo walls is a relaxing craft for me to engage in. On this blog, I hope you will discover some fun, craft ideas that will add beauty to your home. Enjoy!



5 Drone Upgrades To Help Improve Stealth & Observation

Flying quadcopters, or more commonly referred to as drones, serves many purposes. The small cameras are often used for video surveillance and stealth operations. Whether you're capturing footage of your property, an animal nest, or something else high up, you want the drone to blend in as naturally as possible. Luckily, many drones are made for versatility and can easily be upgraded by hobbyists looking to make improvements. If you want to add more stealth and observation abilities to your drone, then there are five key upgrades to consider. These can be applied to a current drone you have or as extra add-ons with new drone purchases.

Drone Propeller Blades

To be as stealthy as possible, you'll want your drone to fly in and out of areas with very little noise. One of the biggest factors creating noise on a drone are the propeller blades. When using quadcopters, the noise is multiplied with up to eight different blades buzzing and whizzing through the sky. Keep propeller noise to a minimum by upgrading blades with quieter ones.

Shop for blades that include better stabilizers on them. The stabilizers will keep the blades spinning evenly and prevent extra shaking. The stabilizers also help make your drone fly smoother. You have more control and slighter movements can be made as it flies through the air.

Separate Engines

Another source of noise in your drone is the engine that operates it. Engines will naturally make noise, but specific upgrades will help reduce loud elements and improve the performance of your drone. Instead of operating with just one engine, you can spread out the workload by installing multiple small engines. Smaller engines are more compact and do not make as much noise. By following hobby kit instructions, you can learn how to install the engines and connect them to the central operation chips on the drone.

This is one of the more extensive upgrades, but when completed, it can dramatically improve the way you fly and capture footage.

Camera Upgrades

Camera quality can make a huge difference for the way your drone captures footage. Instead of using the default camera, you can easily replace it with a more sophisticated part. When choosing a new camera, there are a number of upgraded features you can add.

  • Image Resolution: One of the best upgrades you can make is purchasing a camera with a larger resolution. This will help you see more details and have an overall better quality for all the videos you capture.
  • Night Vision: Capture videos in the dark with cameras that feature night vision capabilities. This is ideal for capturing details in low light or nocturnal animals that are traveling around your property.
  • Camera Attachments: Add a universal camera attachment to your drone so that you can attach all types of cameras. This includes small video cameras that are made for more than just drones. Features include water proofing cases, impact protection, and high-quality lenses.

Battery Upgrades

One of the biggest downsides to any drone is the flight time that's available. Increase the available flight time for your drone by upgrading the battery. A better battery can increase the flight times and create more options for your flight paths. Instead of rushing to an area, you can more the drone more slowly and reach your destination without making a big impact.

When upgrading the battery for your drone, you should search for the specific model. This will help you select the correct type of battery to fit in the drone.

Software Upgrades

Not only can you make upgrades to the physical hardware of your drone, but you can make a number of software upgrades to improve drone operations. Before taking a drone into flight, it's important to check for any firmware upgrades. These upgrades are officially released by the software companies and include a number of improvements. One of the best highlights among software upgrades are GPS upgrades. This includes improved mapping and GPS functions. Plan out flight paths and get more accurate landing points.

Carefully plan out different upgrades to ensure they are compatible with your drone and will work properly when completed. Do one upgrade at a time and then test out the drone before adding another upgrade. Contact a company like Superior Hobbies for more tips.